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Organisational Psychology research has linked a number of workplace factors that contribute to psychological health, well being and productivity that benefits both the organisation and its people. Supportive leadership, learning and development opportunities, feedback and recognition, role clarity and flexible work options have shown to be evident in good management practice.

Despite best intentions, all organisations are and will be facing ongoing and unprecedented change, restructures, mergers, re-alignment and response to the digital revolution, the political and global environment, then came COVID-19 and now we have hybrid workplaces, working from home and all things related. 


The changing environment can provide many opportunities and optimism for new paradigms for the workplace that will hopefully and eventually benefit customers/clients and workers at all levels, the design of new jobs and the growth and development of organisations. In the transition period, there will be fatigue, feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, resentment, as well as an increase in mental health issues for some workers. Workplace conflict can also emerge and productivity is negatively affected.

Julie Berg is an Organisational Psychologist who listens to your concerns about your unique workplace. She has been an innovator in the design and implementation of strategies to promote workplace health for two decades.


These have included the first Employee Assistance Programs in Australia and Trauma Support Services in NSW. Julie has been a provider to both beyondblue and the Black Dog Institute in their workplace training programs to raise awareness of mental health issues, build personal resilience and promote supportive workplace cultures.


workplace wellbeing, mediation

Julie Berg brings a wealth of experience in dealing with complex ‘people problems’ in the workplace at any level of your organisation. Julie is adept at getting to the core of the problem and identifying options to proceed in the context of relevant workplace legislation and business outcomes.


Julie is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and is highly experienced in workplace mediation.

Organisational consulting for assistance with:

Conflict -  Workplace Mediation- Low Morale - Managing Change - WH&S Mental Health Risk Assessments - Performance Management - Management Coaching-Promoting Mental Health & Wellbeing- Work Capacity Assessments-Occupational Burnout

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