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Our mental health is just like our physical health and the same principles apply for getting the right help. Most people go to see their local GP, get an opinion, treatment or a referral to a specialist and that could be a psychologist. You can also make an appointment with a psychologist at any time. 


Generally in life we try to deal with our problems in our own way, or by talking with family and friends and that usually works. However, there are times when talking to a skilled person who is not involved in the situation can be really helpful. Seeing a psychologist is confidential and allows time away from normal daily activities to review things in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

The goal of counselling, therapy or treatment is to help you sort out how to deal with the problem or concerns at hand. Sometimes people just feel stressed and are not sure what to do, or where to start.

The first session is for an hour and a half at no additional cost to the usual one hour session rate. Julie will go through your relevant background, map out your current difficulties and explore options for how you both might work together. Sometimes one or two sessions are enough to provide some clarity and what to do next.

Julie’s approach varies according to your specific needs and in keeping with evidence-based therapies. The aim is to get the best possible outcomes given all of your circumstances.

Fees: If you have a referral from your GP, there is a gap fee in addition to the Medicare rebate. If you have private health cover there is a gap fee, but you will not require a GP referral. If you have an insurance claim, approval is required from the insurer who funds psychological treatment.

Counselling Session

Assistance is provided for a range of common personal problems and mental health issues including:

Confusion - Relationship Problems - Stress - Bereavement and Other Loss - Anxiety - Depression - Trauma - Life Transitions and Adjustment - Problem Solving/Decision Making- Family Problems 


Julie has extensive experience in the Workers Compensation arena including psychological treatment and injury management. She also sees clients with CTP claims in relation to a motor vehicle accident.

Julie also has a special interest and experience in assisting Health Practitioners and Emergency Service Workers.



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