Julie Berg has over 35 years of experience helping people to resolve the wide range of personal and work related problems that individuals, couples and families can experience throughout a lifetime. Julie brings a practical and down to earth approach using best practice psychology combined with professional and personal wisdom. Julie is also an Organisational Psychologist and partners clinical and workplace skills to assist organisations. She provides professional coaching and is a Nationally Accredited Mediator.


Julie is available for face to face sessions during the time that the Corona Virus Pandemic emerges and recedes. All services are provided, taking into account the unique pressures that these circumstances place on every individual, couple, family and organisation.

When we are going through difficult times, it is often a combination of things that can test our coping skills and impact on different aspects of our lives. If we are unhappy at work, it can be highly stressful and spill over into our home life and relationships.


If we are going through relationship difficulties like breakdown, loneliness or other family pressures, it can have a negative effect on our work and our mental health.


If we are having high levels of stress or common mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, this can cause strains at work and in our personal relationships.


Some of us find ourselves facing traumatic and life changing events that are out of our control and can change our lives in a moment.


All organisations are dealing with unprecedented change that can lead to conflict in the workplace, loss of productivity and risks to workplace health and safety.


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